Furbish-English Dictionary

Furbies have their language called furbish. It comprises of short words and phrases and minimal sounds. A new furby speaks furbish only but can learn other languages with time too. Below are some of the phrases and what they mean:

  • wee-tee-kah-wah-tee: Sing me a song.
  • wee-tah-kah-loo-loo: Tell me a joke.
  • u-nye-ay-tay-doo?: Are you hungry?
  • wee-tah-kah-wee-loo: Tell me a story.
  • u-nye-boh-doo?: How are you?
  • u-nye-loo-lay-doo?: Do you want to play?
  • u-nye-noh-lah: Show me a dance.
  • u-nye-way-loh-nee-way: Go to sleep now.

Furbies may say these Furbish words:

  • doo?: What? (Furbies say this when called)
  • doo-dah: Yes. (Furbies say this in response to a command before doing it.)
  • yoo?: Why will you not play with me today? (This usually means the Furby is upset.)
  • boo: No. (Furbies say this when they do not want to carry out a command.)

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