Furby 2012 App FAQ

Qn: Is the free app compatible with?
Ans: Most definitely. The app will enable you to feed him and translate furbish communication to give them human meanings.

Qn: What is the description of IOS and android features?

  • Voice manager: this feature allows you to make your change its voice. It could be like an elephant, like a squirrel or just about anything else.
  • Video maker: make him the star of his own movie. Press the record button and give him cues that he will respond to in the act.
  • Boom box: this is where you select four songs and listen to him sing along. Several s can sing together to make a wonderful piece.
  • Deli: use the app to make him a sandwich and watch him eat it all.
  • Pantry: feed him on all types of goodies
  • Lulla baah: this is to help him relax after a long play day.
  • Translator: this will help you understand all furbish language once it is translated to English.
  • Dictionary: look up English/furbish words for English/furbish translations.

Qn: Some functions are available on IOS device but not on android device. What could be the problem?
Ans: There are certain differences in mobile devices and each has its specifications. These specifications are what will cause the variations that you see.

Qn: Which IOS devices are compatible with the app?
Ans: Any device that has IOS such as iPod, iPad and iPhone which have an IOS version of 4.3 or later will operate just fine. Older versions are limited in their functionality hence they may not support the app.

Qn: Why isn’t the app on my iTunes app store?
Ans: This could be the device is an older version that cannot support the app. However, you can update the device and download the app on http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4972

Qn: What would happen if my IOS app crushes?
Ans: Reboot the app. If this does not work, shut it down completely then restart it. A hard shut down may be required and you will follow the following steps:

  • Tap the home icon on the device
  • Double tap the home button once the home screen is displayed
  • Press and hold the app tab
  • When the red negative sign appears, tap on it then hit the home button which will take you to the home screen again.

Qn: Why is the app showing an error?
Ans: To curb this, you need to ensure the app can access the photos/camera. This can be done by settings then privacy then photos then app name. If this does not work, then you should modify the devices restrictions by settings then general then restrictions.

Qn: What languages are accessible with the app?
Ans: IOS: English, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, & Finish.
Android: English

Qn: Where can I get the app?
Ans: iOS & Android – As of 6/1/13: Peru, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, El Salvador, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Guatemala, Indonesia, Honduras, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Malaysia, Macau, Mexico, Malta, Netherlands, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Norway, Philippines, Paraguay, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Singapore, South Africa, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, & Venezuela.
Serbia: Android ONLY

Qn: Is the app compatible with my android device?
Ans: Most definitely. It can be downloaded on Google play store on 11/23.

Qn: Which android devices are compatible with the app?

  • Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 & Galaxy Note 2.
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD
  • Google/Asus Nexus 7
  • Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD (except model XT926)
  • NOTE: The device must be running Android OS 2.3.3 or a later version.

Qn: What will happen if my android app crashes?
Ans: Try rebooting the app. If this does not work, shut it down completely following the below steps. They may vary depending on the device but these are the general steps for most devices:

  • On the home screen, press settings.
  • Go to apps icon.
  • Select manage applications
  • Select
  • Then go to force stop.

Qn: Why is my mobile device not communicating with it?
Ans: This could be as a result of a number of reasons and there are different ways of handling the same:

  • Ensure there is no noise in the surroundings which may distract it from concentrating.
  • Communicate with the mobile and the device at different times, not both at the same time.
  • Ensure that he is not trying to communicate to you while you are talking to him too.
  • Do not hold him but place him on a flat comfortable surface. Holding him makes him respond to your touch and not pay attention to your communication.

Qn: Does the app work over apple airplay?
Ans: The app is not supposed to be used with airplay therefore it will not work.

Qn: Once I update my IOS 7 update, he is not communicating with the device and seeks to access the microphone?
Ans: This is simple. You will need to give the app access to the mic. This can be done by going to settings then privacy then microphone then app name then choose the on icon.

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  1. Anna Marie December 25, 2016 at 11:13 pm #

    I can not feed my daughter s Furby. I keep getting a message that I am not close enough and I put my iPad right next to it, and still got same error message. It does respond to music but it is hungry and we can not feed it


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