Furby 2012 FAQ

Qn: How do I turn my 2012 on or off?
Ans: It does not have an on/off button. However, you can follow the following steps:

  • Leave him in a quiet place and do not disturb him
  • Extract the alkaline cells
  • You can also use app to put him to sleep.

Qn: How are the batteries installed in?
Ans: Follow the following steps:

  • Using a flat screw driver, loosen the screws on the plastic part on its rear.
  • Remove his lower part
  • You will see where the four alkaline cells will fit in
  • Press the refresh button for two seconds then release
  • Fit back the base and the screws in place

Qn: Where is his date code?
Ans: The code is a hot stamp inside the section where the batteries are located near its tail

Qn: What are the high pitched sound coming from and/or my device?
Ans: This is communicating with the device and other similar s as well. Some people and animals hear it, but not to worry as it is not harmful in any way.

Qn: Why is it that even after changing the batteries it still behaves in a weird manner?
Ans: Detach the base of it from the rest of the body. Press the refresh button for about two seconds. This is to reset the hardware to its personality.

Qn: How do I wake my up after he falls asleep?
Ans: Detach the base from the rest of the body. Press refresh button for two seconds and then release. This is to reset the hardware to its former personality.

Qn: How do I go about cleaning?
Ans: Get a soft hand brush to brush his fur. You could also use a soft piece of cloth. This loosens the dirt on him and it falls off. Never clean it using water, detergents or a washing machine. Use a dump cloth to clean off stains.

Qn: Where are his sensors?
Ans: The whole of his body is sensitive. He responds to touch, movements, sound as well as others that are close to him.

Qn: Does he have dancing techniques?
Ans: Absolutely. He can dance to any music that is on.

Qn: But why is he not dancing to the music playing now?
Ans: Maybe he just does not like that song. Try another one or add the volume of the music.

Qn: Is he able to communicate to other s?
Ans: Most definitely. He senses the presence of other s and strikes a conversation. When they are both in a good mood, they can even go ahead to sing. However, there are times that s will not get along so well.

Qn: Why isn’t my talking to other s?
Ans: Make sure that they are facing each other, are close to each other and there is no noise in the surroundings.

Qn: Will he respond differently to various actions towards him?
Ans: He will respond differently to touch, hugs, shaking, pushing or placing him upside down. Each action will have a different effect on its personality.

Qn: Is the color of my sign of its personality?
Ans: No. all s are of the same personality at the beginning. They differ depending on how you play with them.

Qn: How many personalities can each accommodate?
Ans: This you will have to find out on your own as you keep playing with him.

Qn: How can I change him to my desired personality?
Ans: You will just have to change the way you play with it and his personality will change too.

Qn: What happens if the personality he gets is not what I wanted?
Ans: Just treat him differently and his personality will change.

Qn: How much content can he accommodate?
Ans: This you will have to find out as you continue lying with him.

Qn: Why isn’t responding to my voice?
Ans: Make sure that you are looking directly at him, are close enough to him, are clear and speak slowly but audibly. Also make sure there are no noises in the environment which would distract him.

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