Furby Boom App FAQ

Qn: Which devices with an android OS would work best with boom app?

  • Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 mini, S3, S4 mini, S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, 8.0, 10.1
  • Toys R Us Tabeo 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (Gen 1, 2, 3)
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos
  • Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD (except model XT926)
  • Motorola Droid RAZR HD
  • Google Nexus 4 and 7
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Kindle series, 1st and 2nd Gen ONLY)**
  • Note that the android OS should not be older than 2.3.3.

Qn: Which mobile OS support boom app presently?
Ans: Apple and Google android OS

Qn: Is the free boom app compatible with 2012?
Ans: No, the app will only work with boom.

Qn: How do I operate the app?
Ans: You can name boom using the app, he will keep that in mind as well as the names of others. The app will also help you keep a record or his health, hygiene or hunger. You can give him a virtual shower, feed him, and x-ray him using this app. Once you have taken care of it for a while, it will also be able to take care of something in return, a virtual egg from the app.

Qn: How many s can be saved on the app?
Ans: It can accommodate three s. When saving a new one, delete the old one.

Qn: Where is the app game data saved?
Ans: It is saved in the mobile device and not on any part of.

Qn: Where can I get the special furbling eggs I heard about previously?
Ans: They are actually virtual eggs that can be found on .com

Qn: Can I rename my?
Ans: Absolutely. The app will help you do this by going to settings then manage game then rename.

Qn: The boom app is posing a challenge to learn. What do I do?
Ans: There is a Walk through provided for the first time you use it. However, if you are still facing challenges, you can visit their website where they have useful tips on the same. TV can also prove to be a useful resource too.

Qn: Why is my mobile device not communicating with boom?
Ans: There could be several reasons for this:

  • Ensure that you are using the right boom app.
  • Whenever you attempt to talk to him, make sure he is not talking too
  • The volume of the mobile device should be at the maximum.
  • If your device has an outer case, make sure that the speakers are not covered
  • Also make sure that the mobile is close enough to the boom, five inches is okay.
  • Ensure that there are no noises in the background
  • Place it somewhere flat as holding it will make it impossible for it to communicate

Qn: Which iOS devices are compatible with?

  • iPod 4th generation or a newer model
  • iPhone 4 or a newer generation
  • all iPads

Note that the device must have an OS of 4.3 or a newer model. Older devices are limited in some ways hence the app will not function to the maximum.

Qn: Why is the app not in the iTunes applications store?
Ans: This could be as a result of using an older device version. Update the device to the latest version by visiting http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4972

Qn: What will happen if the app (IOS) crushes?
Ans: Reboot the app. If this does not work, shut it down completely followed by rebooting. Below are the steps for a hard shut down:

  • locate the” home” tab and tap once
  • when it displays the home screen, tap twice on the home button
  • long press the app icon
  • When the red negative sign appears, tap it once then tap the home button to back to the main screen.

Qn: Why is the app displaying error?
Ans: Make sure the app can access your photos. This can be done by going to settings then privacy then photos then app name. If this does not work, you can modify the restrictions installed on the device. This will be done at settings then general then restrictions.

Qn: Why is it proving to be a challenge downloading the app from Google play store?
Ans: The problem could be the device you are using does not support the app. Try using a different device compatible to it.

Qn: What will I do if my app (android) crushes?
Ans: Reboot the app. If this does not work, shut it down then reboot. Below are the general steps for this:

  • Go to home screen and tap settings
  • Go to apps icon
  • Go to manage apps icon
  • Go to app
  • Go to force stop

Qn: Will I be required to have cellular data to play with the app?
Ans: Since the app has large files, Wi-Fi will be required for it to function properly/update or download. The Wi-Fi will only be required during download or updating, not while playing with it.

Qn: Once I updated the IOS 7, is not communicating with the app. My device is also asking to access microphone. What is wrong?
Ans: Make sure the app accesses the microphone. Got to settings then privacy then microphone then make sure it is on.

Qn: Why am I getting an error (device not authorized) when I try to download the app on Google play store?
Ans: It could be your device has an amazon kindle fire HD and will have to download it via amazon app store.

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