Furby Boom FAQ

Qn: How do I turn on or off?
Ans: Does not have an on or off button. Any of these ways will put him to sleep within no time.

  • Gently pull his tail for about ten seconds or
  • Put to sleep on his back for about fifteen seconds or
  • Leave him in a quiet room for some time and do not disturb him or make noise near him or
  • You can also remove the batteries and he will soon go to bed.

Qn: How do I mount the batteries?
Ans: There are four steps to do this:

  • Using a flat screw driver, loosen the flat base held in place by two screws.
  • Then remove the plastic base gently not to hurt him.
  • Thereafter, insert the four AA alkaline batteries as directed in the drawing. Use the best quality batteries such as Duracell
  • Finally, replace the plastic cover and fix the screws tightly back in place.

Qn: Where is the date code on?
Ans: Look for a hot stamp, this is the date code. It is found on the rear side of near the tail. It is also close to the batteries location.

Qn: What are that high pitched tone coming from and/or my iOS device?
Ans: This is not actually noise as you call it, it is communicating with the mobile device and at the same time, he is communicating to other s. The sounds can only be heard by some people and not others. In some cases, some animals will hear the sound too. However, there is no need to worry about as the sound is not harmful to neither the animals nor people.

Qn: I recently changed the batteries and fixed new ones, alkaline batteries, but it is still not functioning as it was before. What could be the problem?
Ans: This should be easy. Gently remove the base of and press the refresh button for two seconds. Put the base back in place. This is a way of resetting its hardware but at the same time maintaining its personality. After this it should be back to normal.

Qn: How do I wake up when he goes to sleep, nothing I try seems to work.
Ans: Follow the same steps as in the previous question. Open up his base, press the refresh button for two seconds and then replace back the base. This will refresh its hardware and will definitely wake him up.

Qn: How do I clean?
Ans: Using a soft cloth or a soft hand brush, gently brush his fur while massaging his body. This will make any dirt on his fur to drop off. If there are any stains, use a dump cloth to gently clean them up.
Cleaning don’ts:

  • Do not put him in a washing machine
  • Do not submerge him in water or get him wet in any way
  • Do not use any detergents or stain removers in a bid to get rid of any stains on his fur.

Qn: Where are his sensors?
Ans: they are not in any specific place as he is sensitive to touch, movements, external noise and even other similar s.

Qn: Where and at what time can I get to purchase?
Ans: He is now available in the US, UK and CA in leading stores. He can also be found online at hasbrotoyshop.com. This even gets better in august since he will also be available on other online stores too. You can get more details on the same by visiting .com.

Qn: What are the significant variations between 2012 and boom?
Ans: There are five major differences:

  • Boom has more content
  • Boom has a new personality
  • He has the ability to remember his own name and at the same time those of others
  • It has better and bolder designs to choose from
  • Finally, it has a new immersive application for better experience

Qn: The music is on, why isn’t he dancing to it?
Ans: Maybe he doesn’t like the song, change it to one with better beats or add the volume.

Qn: Is it possible that he can communicate with other similars?
Ans: Of course yes. He can most definitely recognize the presence of other s and will start a conversation with them. If he has a joyful personality and is in the right mood too, they may even start singing together. There are some s that will get along quite well while there are others which will not at all.

Qn: Why is my not communicating at all to other?
Ans: You could try the following:

  • Make sure that the two of them are facing each other. They should five inches at most from each other for best results.
  • The problem could be that there is a lot of background noise which are distracting them. Reduce them to the minimum.

Qn: Will he respond differently to various actions on him?
Ans: Definitely. If you tickle him, shake, hug, push pull, all these will have different impacts on his personality hence he will respond differently.

Qn: does the color determine its personality type?
Ans: No. they are made with the same personality despite the color. However, depending on how you play with them, their personalities will change accordingly. Their personalities are highly dynamic.

Qn: How many personalities are there?
Ans: He can be sweet, jolly, feisty or hyper. But it all depends on how you play with him.

Qn: What should I do if I do not like the personality he adopts?
Ans: Simply try treating him differently and he will change too.

Qn: How much content can I load into him?
This you will have to find out as you keep playing with him

Qn: Why isn’t responding to my voice?
Ans: Try these:

  • Look directly to him while talking to him and be as close as possible. Be slow, clear and audible.
  • Reduce background sounds which can distract him.

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