Furby Boom Review – Wave


  • Oh my, there is an egg collection feature in its app
  • Has a higher affinity to interact than past Furbies.
  • Has the capability to play with the previous year’s Furby
  • Compatibility with android and iOS phones and pads


  • Has hunger for more ,tagged to the new feature to interact
  • Being a Furby it will tire at some point


The Furby boom is another success “pet toy” story in the Hasbro’s line of toys in the market. Similar to its kin (the Furby iteration), the Furby boom has an interactive edge. This crackling creature has the ability to give the feedback voice and more interestingly it responds to your movements. This Furby has an additionally interesting feature, it responds to your movements. The Furby has an additionally interesting feature, the Furby boom app which makes the interaction very well enhanced and interesting. This level of interacting via the app makes one nostalgic of the toys one interacted with two decades ago. Your interactive behavior will produce the results you deserve, a loving and tender interaction will make a fulfilment but for those who tire easily, this one too will be a boring experience for you.

Basically, the Furby boom is the normal Furby, however the exception come to the physical features. The eyes and color blending, actually make it visibly distinct so to say and see.

The version that is of interest here will be the Furby boom wave version.

Physically, it possesses horizontal strips that tend to form a tidal wavy pattern in its fur amidst blue shades. For the height, Furby boom is a bit tall, having about 9 inches of height and a breadth of 5 inches. These dimensions make it easier to hold in the palm and also light to be carried around by the small kids.

This Furby is similar to its kin and kith the 2005 and 2012 Furbies, but more likened to the 2012 version. It is very shy when it comes to cold and tries as much as possible to avoid it. It also has the feature to place LCD planes on its plastic eyes which enables it to exhibit a variety of emotions and also have a cartoony enthusiasm and liveliness. Between the two normal eyes, the wave Furby possesses a third eye which is the Infra-Red (IR) sensor. This unique eye feature enhances the sensitivity of motion to the front side of the Furby either by a human being or a fellow Furby. It has the basic features of any other Furby like touching the tongue button to feed it, one can pet it, tickle it or even swing the pet around whichever you prefer.

The Furby Boom App

This application can be found at iTunes for iOS gadgets and also at Google play for the android app devices. This application has several uses to make your experience better. The application enhances the interaction with the real toy via the screen on the tablet or the smartphone. The app can help one perform the following essential tasks:

  • Feeding – one has a variety of foods to choose from the app’s screen to feed the Furby on. You mix the ingredients as per your desire or the Furby’s needs.
  • Naming – a great improvement from the previous Furby version the app give one the option to name the Furby from an array of combinations whichever your preference is.
  • Monitoring and control of the Furby – this app helps in the aspect of checking the boom’s vital statistics which include hunger, body wellness, bathroom vital and also its cleanliness aspect. This is made possible through the screen notifications which pop up incase such needs arise. The mini games of a toilet for example allows the user to help the Furby relieve itself, a similar feature in the Tamagochi pet. This is done by pointing to the screen and letting the pet sit on the toilet. For bathing need, spray it with water. Uniquely, for the cleanliness vital one is required to fill the bars (which indicate the status on your screen).
  • Communication – the presence of ultra-Sonics found between the phone or tablet and the Furby boom enhances communication. All you need to do is point on the device’s speaker at the Furby to produce awesome results.
  • Hasbro gave an additional feature, the eggs and Furblings – this makes it similar to those of poke man. The eggs can be collected hatched and also raise other Furbies (virtual) on your device. The eggs can be found through the mini games platform or QR coding on the Furby website.

Finally, the Furby boom and the Furby 2012 can interact and also play together. Try it today!

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