Furby Furblings FAQ

Qn: How do I turn him on or off?
Ans: He does not have an on or off button. They are simply activated by pressing the head.

Qn: How are the batteries fixed in place?
Ans: This can be done in four simple steps:

  • Loosen the screws holding the plastic cover at the bottom using a flat screw.
  • After this, remove the base.
  • You will find a space for three small alkaline batteries (A76). Make sure that you use the best quality cells.
  • Return the plastic cover and the base and the furbling is good to go.

Qn: Where is the date code on my furbling?
Ans: The date code resembles a hot stump. It can be found near where the batteries are located, inside the same compartment. It is near the left foot to be more precise.

Qn: What is that high pitched sound I hear from the furbling and my device as well?
Ans: This noise is furbling communicating with the device. The reason you can hear it is because it is audible to humans and some animals as well. However, there are those people and animals who cannot hear it at all. The noise should not bother you as it is not harmful in any way and it shows both your furbling and the device arefunctioning properly.

Qn: How come it has not returned to its normal behavior even after I have changed the batteries and replaced them with new ones?
Ans: It could be the furbling has not sensed the batteries yet. All you need to do is press the refresh button for two seconds and it should be good to go. This is to reset the hardware as well as help it regain its personality.

Qn: Furbling went to sleep some time ago but I cannot find a way to wake him up. What do I do?
Ans: You need to pick him up gently and press the refresh button. This will; rest his hardware, help him retain his personality and at the same time wake him up preventing the same from happening in the near future again.

Qn: I have noted that he is getting dirty due to playing with him frequently. How do I go about cleaning him?
Ans: Look for a soft hand brush or a cloth. Brush his fur gently and evenly. This will let the dirt on his fur to fall off. If you notice that there are some stubborn stains, use a dump cloth to clean them up. Be as gentle as possible.
Don’ts when cleaning furbling:

  • Do not soak him in water
  • Do not use any detergent whatsoever to clean him
  • Do not clean him using a washing machine
  • Do not use a brush with hard bristles as these will destroy his fur and his functionality

Qn: Where are the sensors on his body?
Ans: The whole of his body is very sensitive. He responds to touch, movement, sounds/noises and he is also able to recognize when other furbling are close by and initiates a conversation.

Qn: Is it necessary to have a boom for me to be able to play with furbling?
Ans: Not necessarily. However, having it will give you a better experience as he will respond better to you.

Qn: Are the furbling and boom app compatible?
Ans: Most definitely. The app will work just fine with the furbling but only if the app version is newer than those created by 12/1/2013.

Qn: Is my furbling compatible with the boom 2012 version?
Ans: No. these two are not compatible at all as they are both meant to operate differently.

Qn: How do I use the app on my furbling?
Ans: There are five steps to install the app on the furbling:

  • Open the app
  • Press the egg like icon
  • Then press the egg icon together with + sign
  • This will bring you to unlock virtual egg icon which you will press too.
  • Then take the furbling and press head after which you now wait for the scanning to take place.

Qn: Am trying to access boom app features with my furbling but it is not possible. What do I do?
Ans: A furbling can only unlock their digital version as well as three other accessories only. These are just but babies therefore they will not be able to do things for themselves such as going to the bathroom, eating food meant for grown s or even take a shower. They will need a grown and mature boom to do that for them till they are grown up.

Qn: Can I rename my furbling?
Ans: Yes. This is possible if you go to boom app. Go to settings then manage then rename furbling.

Qn: Why is my mobile device not communicating with the furbling boom?
Ans: For this to happen, the following has to be well taken care of:

  • The app should be a current version no later than 12/1/2013
  • The volume of the mobile should be maximum so that it is clear
  • If the device has an outer case, remove it as it could be covering the speakers.
  • The device should be close enough to the furbling, the distance between the two no more than five inches apart.
  • There should be no background noise which would distract the furbling from communicating with the device.
  • Do not hold the furbling but place it on a flat surface. Holding it makes it respond to your touch and not concentrate on the communication.

Qn: Does my furbling know any dance moves? Can he dance?
Ans: No. they are just children and are not intended to move or operate on their own. Sorry.

Qn: Is it possible for a furbling to communicate with s?
Ans: Yes, this is absolutely possible, but you must note that communication is limited as they know limited communication methods.

Qn: What is the retail price of a furbling?
Ans: It goes for an average of $19.99. However depending on the location and the currency used in the area, it could be slightly more or less.

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  1. Alita March 27, 2017 at 3:45 pm #

    Can one furbling be used on 2 apps – ipad and iphone? If so, kindly guide and if not how do I remove a furbling from one so that it can be synced on another. Thanks


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