Furby Party Rockers FAQ

Qn: How do I turn off/on my party rocker?
Ans: They do not have an on/off button. Try the following steps instead:

  • Place in a quiet room and do not disturb him
  • Uninstall the batteries
  • Use the app to put him to sleep

Qn: How are the batteries installed?
Ans: There is a five step procedure for that:

  • Using a flat screw driver, remove the screws holding the plastic base in place
  • Detach the base
  • Insert batteries into position
  • Press the refresh button for two seconds then release
  • Replace the plastic bottom and fix the screws back in place.

Qn: Where is the date code on?
Ans: The date code resembles a hot stamp and it is located in the battery area and can only be seen when looking directly into the compartment.

Qn: What are the high pitched sound I hear coming from and/or my device?
Ans: This is the way of communication between and the device. There are people who hear it while others do not. There are also some animals who hear it while others do not. However, no need to worry as it is in no way harmful to either of them.

Qn: Why is it that even after changing the batteries he is still not back to his normal behavior?
Ans: This should be easy to solve. Press the refresh button for two seconds to reset his hardware. He will be able to maintain all his personalities too.

Qn: I have tried waking from sleep to no avail. What do I do?
Ans: Detach his base from the rest of the body and press the refresh button for two seconds. Install back the base. This will reset the hard ware but still retain his personality therefore he waking him up.

Qn: How do I go about cleaning?
Ans: Use a soft hand brush or a soft cloth to brush his fur gently to get rid of any dirt on his fur. If there are any stains, gently wash them off with a dump cloth. Never dip it in water, use any detergents or immerse it in a washing machine.

Qn: Where are his sensors located on his body?
Ans: The whole of his body is sensitive. He responds to touch, sound, movement or the presence of other s.

Qn: Is the free app applicable when playing with?
Ans: Of course yes. The app is highly compatible with party rocker.

Qn: What are the features of IOS and android apps?

  • Voice changer: this will enable you change the voice uses to whatever you want.
  • Video maker: this is where can perform an act which you can view later. He will respond to any cue you give him appropriately.
  • Boom box: this is where you can choose a song for and hear him sing along. If there is other around, they could all sing along in unison too.
  • Deli: use the app to make a sandwich for and feed it all to him
  • Pantry: feed him on all goodies that are available till he can have no more.

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