Furby Types

Classic furbies

These are very intelligent hence they gained a lot of popularity soon after release. This is evident since they had high abilities to learn new languages within no time. They communicate with the aid of an infrared port located between their eyes, hence the need for face to face communication and when it is close to you or other furbys. At first they only communicate in furbish language but they later learn other languages such as English as they “grow” and “develop”. At first people only thought that they mimicked words which are not the case. This misconception came about after it was realized that they can pronounce pre-thought-of words which were saved in its system. This myth led to these furbys being eliminated from many intelligence agencies for good. The reason behind this is that they thought they would record classified information and repeat the same to the public.

It is designed in such a way that it has an electric motor, cameras and gears which coordinate its eyes, the mouth, ears and aid it when it wants to stand up. The initial furby is still of great interest to many people as it has the ability to do many entertaining things. The fact that they have great audio and sensory capabilities makes them very common in the circuit bending circles.

Furby babies

They were launched into the market in 1999. They are smaller in size, speak loudly as compared to the others and do not having dancing capabilities. However, they adopt the English language faster unlike the others. Their vocabulary is a bit wider too and have Easter eggs and games installed in their system. They are available in 24 different colors but they all have white eyelashes. Their eyes are six different colors. This makes them very entertaining to their users.

Furby friends

There was also another brand of furbies called novel furbies. These were gizmo which looked like furby which was very social, and whose idea was from the gremlins film. There was also Yoda which represented war soldiers. There was also Shelby which looks a lot like furby but a lot more like clam have a great memory and a different personality as compared to the rest. This one came into the market in 2001 and can converse with furbies and baby furbies. They can detect high pitched sounds, can sense when they are placed on their head and they can also laugh when you tickle them. Moreover, they produce a purring sound when you cuddle them and inserting your finger in their mouth is interpreted as feeding them. They are not pre-named, but are given a name by the new owner. It can differentiate the presence and the voice of a furby or a Shelby like itself. However, they cannot tell if it is a grown furby or a baby furby, but just that it is a furby. They are very familiar with English words and phrases as well as shelbish, their language.

Emoto-tronic furbies

Released in 2005, it is huge in size and has an emotional looking face and can remember voices which aid them when they are communicating with people. They are easy to go to sleep as all it takes is one command to do so through their on/off button. They can communicate with similar furbies but not to the old version of furbies. They are designed with no light detectors, no movement detectors and no response capabilities to sounds and noises. Their origin story states that they are from Furby Island. These are meant for users who do not need a high performing furby like small kids.

Emoto-tronic furby babies

This one was launched into the market in 2006 with a new baby-ish look hence could easily be differentiated from the Emoto-tronic adult. They have fewer features unlike their adult version and are only conversant with just a few words and phrases. They are also less social as well. Furthermore, they have flexible legs which move when it wakes up. They are widely sold in Europe and America. They are very entertaining to kids as well.

Emoto-tronic funky furbies

Launched in August 2006, they come in just two color combinations, pink & yellow and purple & green. They have dancing and singing capabilities and have a memory of 3 songs maximum. They can remember dance moves that you teach them as you play with it.

2012 furbies

This one was launched in the fall of 2012. It has LCD eyes, movement sensitive and has IOS and android applications which it operates on. Additionally, it can take up several personalities depending on how you play with it. It does not have an on/off button but a rest button in its place. It has been designed to turn itself off after one minute of being inactive. This one is better for older kids who will know how to operate the apps it functions on.

Furby party rockers

Introduced in 2013, it is smaller in size and they have the capability to learn and grow from socializing with people for some time. They all have different personalities and they are ready for use as soon as you purchase it. They are subcategorized into four; Fussby, Twitby, Loveby and Scoffby.

Furby boom

This one was launched in 2013 and came in different colors and personalities as well. It operates on an IOS and android applications known as furby boom and has many different features as well.

Furby boom crystal

This one was released in 2014. It had a new design on the ears, the face, feet and brighter neon fur as well. It has better designed and functioning IOS and android apps as well. It is the latest and the most advanced of all the furbys.

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