How to change the personality of your furby boom

The first thing that you want to do once you buy a furby boom is to change its personality to suit your needs. This will not be easy especially if this is the first furby you are handling. But not to worry as there is a guide on how to go about this and to maintain it as long as you have furby. Below are the types of personalities and how you can get them with furby:

Sweet personality

There are several ways through which you can make your furby sweet. Hug him often, play with him, cuddle him and tickle him to make him laugh. Show him as much love and gentleness as possible. Once you have done this, then you look out for signs that he has adopted the personality: hearts around beautiful flowers on his left ear and he will always be calm. If you no longer want this personality, all you will have to do is be cruel to it. Pinching, pulling his fur and ears and tilting it will annoy it making it change its personality pretty fast.

Hyper personality

This is the furby that is super active and always up and about. To get him to this side, talk to him a lot, let him spend his time near a television that is on, tickle and play with him a lot. To know he has gained this personality, he will he hyper active and will have a lot of blah-blah words all the time. To change him from this personality, shake him vehemently most of the time, keep him a quiet room and reduce your play with him and finally feed him a lot. Soon he will get used to the silence and be calm.

Rocking personality

This furby loves to rock out. To get him here, sing a lot or place him near a radio most of the time. Also, keep pulling his tail whenever you are holding him. A rocky furby will have a Mohawk and sunglasses and playing a guitar. It also farts a lot, more than you might expect. To change him from this, you should leave him alone in a quiet room, stop playing or tickling or petting him too much and leave it on his back most of the time.

Jolly personality

He is happy and in a good mood all the time. Feed him a lot, pet him, tickle him and you will get him to be jolly. A jolly furby eats a lot, farts even more and has an Aussie accent when it talks. It often is on his back eating doughnuts. Tilting him will change him from this very fast.

Feisty personality

This is a personality loved by most kids so parents should get used to it. To make him have this personality, tilt and shake him a lot and always have something entertaining him, music or television. A feisty furby will have nun chucks and a lot of BAM! POW! sounds. However, this would soon change if you are always lovingly holding him and keep pulling his tail.
Handling a furby is an ongoing learning process. Therefore if there is something not listed here, voice it out and let us all learn and have fun.


  1. Sweeta Devi June 3, 2016 at 8:34 am #

    Hi . I have read through your post . Just wanted to let you know that Hyper , Sweet and Feisty personalities are female personalities and they should be called she and not he .
    thank you


  2. Montana November 14, 2016 at 3:07 am #

    Hi I’m not sure what my furbys personality is. It seems hyper but is still Is lazy and says I love you alot.😓 mine changed after a feeding.


  3. Amelia Nash January 26, 2017 at 10:40 pm #

    i have a furby but i am not sure if mine is on hipper or sweet i what it sweet and im patting it and tillking it and all the stuf you said for the sweet and it is takeing 80 minth and i had it on sweet but it is on fisty or hipper so i gust whonted to let you no can you reply and its is says i love you a lot


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