Meet Furbacca, the new ‘Star Wars’ Furby

The next generation of Furbys looks great and speaks wookie and can even hum star wars theme song! Just how cool is that? It recently was selling at $79.99 retail price and it literally flew off the shelves. People were literally scrambling for it, some being scammed unknowingly as they tried to get themselves one. It needs a lot of petting and attention for it to have an adorable personality. On the other hand, if you want it to have a harsh personality, you can handle it roughly and it will change to that too. It is simply the kind of thing that will just make you smile at the sight of it. The fact that it can hum the star wars theme song and also interact more with people through its sensors and app is what makes it so expensive yet so much on demand. Hasbro intends to commence vending the Furbacca in the fall. “The Force Awakens” arcs Dec. 18. The cusp personality is the original film permit for the Furby line.

With this Furby, it is possible to feed, clean, and play with it via the IOS or android app it operates through. The app can work with most smart phone and tablets as well with an android or apple operating system hence it is very convenient if you have such kind of phone already. The make however has to be current as older versions will not be compatible with the applications. Moreover, he has sensors on his body specifically on the head, stomach, mouth, tail and around the ears therefore all you have to do is put him in these areas to observe a behavioral change. He loves it if you would pet him and scratch gently on these areas, gently to be precise. Any rough behavior towards him such as pulling the tail will make him angry and you will even be able to see anger build up through his LCD eyes.

He being the only character who looks like star wars, he has an app that will enable you hatch baby furbling. Having been introduced in 1998, several years later his popularity reduced but made a great comeback in 2012. He was bigger and better with better functioning app with great abilities like allowing kids collect virtual eggs and hatch baby furbling. This gives the kids a sense of responsibility and makes them learn to be responsible. There are several other look a likes called friends of ruby namely Yoda, gizmo among others who have been developed over the years. They are good and some people prefer them but definitely not better than Furbacca.

For him to operate well, you have to insert four AA batteries near his rear. Ensure that you go for the best quality cells for durability and best functionality such as Duracell’s. This is to prove that he is just a toy who needs a power source to function. But truth be told, he is the closest toy there is to a real pet. He is definitely a must have for both kids and adults.

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